Traffic Violations Attorneys Vancouver WA

Traffic Violations Attorneys Vancouver WA

Rely on the Best Traffic Violations Attorneys in Vancouver WA

If you drive improperly, ignore a sign or striping, disregard a traffic signal, or drive recklessly, you can receive a traffic ticket. When this happens, people are often faced with the dilemma of whether or not to fight the ticket.

Keep in mind that a traffic ticket, no matter how simple it may seem, can have annoying and significant consequences. It is logical then think about whether it is appropriate to fight the ticket or not. If you are facing this situation, it is necessary that you analyze the pros and cons of appealing the violation, and know where you can get the support of the best traffic violations attorneys in Vancouver WA.

Top-3 Pros & Cons of Fighting a Traffic Ticket


  1. Charges Can Be Dropped

If the court drops the charges, you won't have to worry about paying fines or attending driving lessons or counseling. Nor will your driving record be affected, as there will be no mention of the case on your driving record, let alone points on your license.

  1. Keep Insurance Fees Low

When there is a traffic ticket, insurance companies usually raise the amounts of the annual premiums for vehicle insurance. In this case, you would have to rely on one of the best traffic violations attorneys to help you eliminate the charges to bring the cost of the policy back down. By winning the ticket fighting you will avoid that process, and keep the premium prices the same as before.

  1. Keep Your Driving Privileges

If the court determines that the traffic offense is serious, it may revoke some of your driving privileges, including your license. Not having a license would mean that you would now have to deal with public transportation, and hire a defense lawyer to help you regain your license and your right to drive. By winning the ticket appeal you avoid these annoying consequences.


  1. You Can Lose Time

Appealing a traffic violation, even with the support of a traffic violations defense attorney involves at least two visits to the court during the week. Besides, if you decide not to hire a traffic violations lawyer you will also have to spend significant time preparing your case to defend it before the judge.

  1. Raise the Cost

Keep in mind that if you hire one of the local traffic defense lawyers, they will charge a fee for the duration of the case. The longer the duration of your ticket fight, the higher the cost.

  1. Uncertain Outcome

Appealing a traffic ticket in court does not mean that you will win the case. No matter how well you prepare the case on your own, the judge may still rule against you if they find sufficient evidence to do so. In that case, in addition to facing penalties, you will also have to pay court and legal fees for the appeal process.

What is the Best Alternative?

It is wise to seek professional advice. Top traffic violations attorneys in Vancouver WA such as Bill Montecucco offer free consultations. An experienced litigator like Bill will be able to learn about your case and help you decide whether or not it is worth fighting it. If you are facing a traffic ticket and want the support of the best lawyer, you can count on Bill Montecucco, the most experienced lawyer in Vancouver, WA. Let his more than 20 years of courtroom experience work in your favor. Contact us for free legal consultation and advice.

Traffic Violations Attorneys Vancouver WA

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