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As a general practice attorney, Bill Montecucco can represent you in a range of legal areas depending on your unique needs. General attorneys are professionals you can rely on for different types of legal concerns—from something as mundane as a traffic ticket to dealing with more complex issues like criminal defense. They are your first step to getting legal help because they understand that individual legal needs and concerns vary.

Bill caters to a broad range of legal disputes and is in fact regarded as the number one attorney in SW Washington for traffic and driving infraction citations. He is constantly referred by other respected attorneys throughout the state and has spoken for premier auto and motorcycle clubs like the BMW Car Club of America.
Among his areas of specialties are as follows:


Bill represents investors, developers, lenders, businesses, and individuals facing diverse real estate matters. Whether you are facing transactional planning, acquisition, financing, development, leasing, or sale issues, he can assist with any litigation and proceeding necessary to help you address your real estate issues. Bill specializes in real estate development, purchases and sales, property management, homeowner’s association issues, property tax appeals and real estate taxation, landlord-tenant law, easements, property/boundary disputes, quiet title actions and title issues, adverse possession and trespass claims, foreclosures, and areas of real estate litigation like breach of contract, evictions, conversions, and collections.

Criminal Misdemeano

Even lesser offenses require proper legal representation. Contact Bill for misdemeanor charges like DUI, petty theft, public intoxication, prostitution, simple assault, drug possession, trespassing, reckless driving, and similar forms of offenses. Depending on the jurisdiction in which your crime occurred some offenses may be charged as misdemeanors or a more serious offense.

Criminal Defense

Bill represents criminal suspects, defendants, and arrestees in different stages of criminal proceedings. He uses aggressive defense against different types of criminal offences, ranging from petty crimes to more serious cases. He offers expert legal counsel in different stages of cases and can assist you in formal charges or provide legal representation through investigation, trial, sentencing, appeal, all the way to expungement.


When it comes to probate and estate administration proceedings, legal representation is crucial in order to establish will validity. Bill helps clients draft legally sound wills that address their unique needs and concerns, considering their financial situation, amount of assets, personal needs, and familial situation. He can also assist in establishing one or more trusts to protect your properties from estate taxes and make sure that it is distributed properly or as you see fit.

Personal Injury Law

Bill also advocates for individuals who have been injured in accidents caused by other people’s negligence. He has experience in defending and protecting the rights of personally injured clients, preserving their entitlement to proper treatment, care, and compensation for injuries sustained. Compensation is usually due for property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Civil Litigation

As a litigation attorney, Bill can handle diverse civil matters in the Vancouver, Washington area judicial and bankruptcy courts and other venues like administrative agencies. He has the necessary expertise and experience to vigorously and effectively assert and defend each client’s interests on appeal and during trial. When appropriate, he recommends resolving disputes short of litigation, by means of alternative resolution techniques like mediation and settlements.

Traffic Violations

Certain traffic violations—including speeding tickets and outstanding warrants for unpaid ticket, hit and run accidents, driving while uninsured, driving with a revoked or suspended license, driving with expired documentations (license and registration), reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, habitual traffic offenses, lane change violations, DUI, and arrest warrants for unpaid traffic violations and infractions—may require you to secure lawyer’s aid. Consulting an attorney is highly advised if you need to make a court appearance. A legal expert can inform you about and assist you through the steps you need to take to avoid more court and legal trouble.


Bill represents landlords, banks, credit unions, businesses, collectors, and individuals who desire to enforce their rights in commercial transactions. He can provide advice on the enforceability of agreements or draft documents to protect you before problems arise. In cases when disputes can’t be resolved, Bill will gladly represent your interests in the court of law, following the correct court proceedings. Enforcement of rights may include contracts, loan documents and leases, collection actions, replevins, foreclosures, and bankruptcy matters.

Business Law

Our business clients range from independent entrepreneurs to family businesses, emerging businesses, closely held companies, community organizations, and charitable foundations. Bill offers a great breadth of experience in representing different types of companies in their legal needs. Some of his areas of business law expertise include but are not limited to contract disputes, business owner disputes, franchisor and franchisee disputes, business and customer disputes, warranty and product quality disputes, and business debt collection disputes.

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