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Bill Montecucco is an experienced general practice attorney serving the Clark and Cowlitz County areas in Southwest Washington. Bill was born in Olympia, Washington. He graduated Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and graduated Lewis and Clark Law School with his Juris Doctorate in 1996. Bill is one of the most respected Vancouver attorneys and has a strong reputation built around valued relationships and long-term partnerships within the community. He is able to answer questions clearly and understandably, giving each client fair expectations and an advocate on their side.

general practice attorney
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General Practice Attorney

As a general practice attorney, Bill Montecucco can represent you in a range of legal areas depending on your unique needs.

General Practice

Are you unsure of what kind of attorney you are looking for and who will best be able to help? Never hesitate to reach out. Bill has a vast knowledge of law that overlaps several practices in multiple categories. If you need help with a collections, incorporations, quit-claim deeds, real estate disputes, or protective orders, you will find Bill to be a fair and straightforward attorney to have on your side.

Bill can and will act as your advocate, advisor, counselor and representative who will walk you through your legal options.

general practice attorney
general practice attorney

Traffic Violations

Whether it’s a ticket for speeding twenty miles over the limit, not wearing a seat belt, a threat to your commercial driver’s license, or a negligent driving charge, Bill has seen and beaten them all. With an almost unparalleled record for dismissed infractions, Bill makes fighting a traffic ticket an easy and seamless process.

Criminal Misdemeanors

Bill understands the threat that a criminal charge can pose against one’s personal freedoms, family life, work and wallet. It’s important to not only have a guide, but an advocate in the courtroom that understands how the system works and is willing to fight for you. Bill can help and advises with misdemeanors of all types, including DUI’s, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, assault and trespassing.

general practice attorney
general practice attorney


When you are a landlord, having an attorney on your side can be the deciding factor in an eviction battle. These issues are time sensitive with dozens of changing make it or break it legal rules that must be followed to succeed. Bill will make sure the current rules are followed and will handle every aspect with you.

Personal Injury Law

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, experienced a fall, or were bitten by a dog, you have more important things to think about than bartering with insurance companies and filling out form after form. Bill is able help you get the money that you need to heal as well as the money you deserve for your pain and suffering. Having an attorney that listens to you, takes the time to understand every facet of your case and has experience puts you in the best position to get a fair and just result.

general practice attorney
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What Our Clients Say

You call bill and pay him and magically your ticket disappears. I never have to deal with any court or anything, bill handles everything. I doubt I will ever go to any other attorney for when I need something in Washington. He is just so quick and easy, makes tickets barely a hassle.
Hands down Bill Montecucco is the best attorney I’ve worked with and I would highly recommend him for DUI, personal injury, business incorporation, property litigation or traffic law. Give him a call to save headaches and thousands. You’ll thank me later
The best traffic ticket attorney in SW Washington. I have used Bill on 5 different occasions over almost 10 years between Clark & Cowlitz County, He has never failed me. I would highly suggest him to anyone!
I hired this attorney for a out of county job. He was prompt, very professional and got the job DONE! Exceeded my expectations and I will recommend to all my friends.
What an amazing attorney. When you think no one is on your side that can help your situation he will Bring the glory You Won’t go wrong with he is amazing.
o “Bill always gets stuff taken care of and I’ve been recommending him for years now! 10/10

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