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Notary is the person who is authorized to perform legal formalities. He gets legal training and he is licensed by the government for taking care of the legal affairs which mostly involves the job of witnessing the signatures of the legal document.

The primary responsibility of a Notary San Diego is to verify the identity of the document signer before notarizing the signature. The notary public can refuse to notarize the signature if the notary is not sure the person who has been mentioned in the document is not actually the person who is executing the document. But how does a notary identifies it? There are 3 ways through which a notary verifies the identity of the signer:

  • Personal knowledge is the first thing that helps in verifying the identity. No identification card or witness is required for this purpose. It is usually from the association with the particular person that the notary verifies the identity and then he notarizes.

  • Personal knowledge does not come into use in all cases. Sometimes, a witness is needed. He is a credible third person who has personal knowledge about the identity of the document signer. The witness has to take an oath or affirm the identity of the document signer. The notary must be able to know the third person through his personal knowledge. If that’s not the case, then his identification documents will be required to verify him.

  • This method involves verifying the identity of a person by examining his photograph, signature and physical description. 2 forms of identification are required for this purpose. The passport, driver’s license and identification card issued by the government is needed. The signature of the person is verified and once the identification is confirmed, the documents are notarized.

The notary might need some additional information or another source of identification of the document executer before notarizing the document. If the notary is not satisfied with the identification or he is suspicious, he has every right to cancel the notarization and the document executer cannot do anything about.

The Notary San Diego service will charge a certain amount of fee for notarization of the documents. The common documents for which notarization is required include loan document, real estate transactions and similar other legal papers. You might have to schedule an appointment with the notary but be sure that the he is licensed and it is the member of the National Notary Association. Notary San Diego
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