Family Mediation London Ontario

Family Mediation London Ontario

Positive Solutions offers family mediation in London, Ontario, and simplifies the divorce process for couples. Going through a divorce can be frustrating and stressful. Our job is to make it less painful for couples by helping them out with equalization of property, parenting plans, spousal support calculations, and separation agreements.

Who is an ideal candidate for family mediation in London, ON?

Mediation is a cost-effective, fast, and effective alternative to the traditional adversarial divorce process involving a neutral mediator who guides the parties towards a satisfactory resolution. Individuals with several conflicts of interest can reduce the high costs of litigation with our London Ontario divorce mediation services. 

If you face difficulties in matters involving child support, alimony, custody, visitation, property division, etc., seeking help from a mediator for family mediation in London, ON, may help you reach an agreement faster. Our practical and affordable divorce solutions in London, ON, are not appropriate for cases involving violence or abuse.

When is mediation appropriate?

Mediation plays an integral role in cases involving strained relationships or where spouses lack proper communication. An experienced and neutral third party usually facilitates communication and the interaction between the disputants. Mediation is appropriate in cases where parties find it difficult to resolve issues related to separation, custody, division of property, and spousal and child support, and other family-related issues.

While mediators cannot grant a divorce to spouses, they can save couples from losing time and money with the legal proceedings. Mediation services guide you towards a separation agreement out of court, allowing you and your family members to move forward with life.

Tips for child custody mediation

In child custody cases, emotions often run high for both parties involved. Here are some pointers for child custody mediation to help you get the agreement you seek:

  1. Refrain from saying 'my children' during a child custody mediation, as it could mean that you fail to acknowledge the other spouse's authority as a parent. By using 'our children,' you are more likely to garner the outcome you seek.
  2. Refrain from using the mediation session for accusations about your spouse on matters concerning finances, infidelity, or other issues. Your child custody mediation should focus on your children, making a decision in their best interest, and arriving at an agreement that feels satisfactory to both you and your partner.
  3. Do not agree to everything demanded by the other spouse, or you could walk away with an unfair child custody agreement. Your goal should be to arrive at a final custody agreement that works to your advantage without jeopardizing a healthy working relationship with your ex-spouse.

Call 888-779-8777 to get in touch with one of us at Positive Solutions. Bev Lewis is a leading arbitrator for family mediation in London, Ontario, and possesses several years of experience in helping couples separate themselves from the adversarial court system. Reach us today for a free consultation and more details on our Toronto mediation and divorce solutions and we'll be happy to help.

Family Mediation London Ontario
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Family Mediation London Ontario
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